06 June 2022

Mexican Safety

Mexican safety, you know, Manuel.


I'm here all night, tip your waitress.

If you've been paying close attention to the plastic M&P's you'll have noticed that I have a thumb safety on all of them.

You can't see it on the Sheild Plus in this pic, but it's lurking on the other side.

I started out as a Glock fan until Harvey and Marv decided that Glocks didn't fit their hands and we'd agreed to standardize on a single gun for Hurricane times.

Harvey doesn't have a manual safety.  Marv added one later.

My full-size M&P9 came with one and I got a little taken off the pawn shop's price by noting that it was an undesirable feature.

Why do I insist?

It's a great thumb rest!  I shoot these pistols better with it than without it and we proved it when Marv went to a lot of effort installing the full Apex kit in his.

I didn't shoot his better trigger any better than my stock gun.

But when I added the Apex, it was much better.

There's a bit of added peace of mind while holstering too, which I like.  I'm not alone there, someone developed a replacement slide backing plate for Glock so you can tell if the trigger is caught for the same peace of mind.

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