15 June 2022

More LAV-75 Love

 This was my favorite vehicle from Twilight: 2000.




  1. More like a tank destroyer than a tank?

    1. The Rapid Deployment Force Light Tank (RDF-LT) becomes the LAV-75 in Twilight: 2000.

      The vehicle from AAI had lots of names and configurations, but it was supposed to be a replacement for the M551A1 Sheridan.

      Literally a light tank.

      It needed to be C-130 deployable and you could get two of them in the bird ready for LAPES.

      The 75mm autocannon was deemed insufficient for Soviet armor of the day and the 90mm version ruined the idea of putting it in a C-130 because of the weight increase.

      The M8 Ridgeway, was developed after the LAV-75 was cancelled and the 105mm gun there was deemed too light as well so we now have no light tank to accompany the 82nd.


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