29 June 2022


Detective is in trouble for concealing they had unfinished cases.

They caught him and he's going to be punished.

What stands out is he is retired and he's 32.

Retired at 32.

Dear Hillsborough County, I think I spotted why your retirement and pension funding is underwater and consuming an ever greater portion of the budget each year.

Not even the Army lets you retire at 32.

This is also an example of why normal people hate government employees.

Officer, if you can retire at 32, then you can stop complaining about the danger and the take-home pay.

1 comment:

  1. If that agencies retirement plan is like some others, I know of then you need five to ten years to be vested and eligible for it. However, you would only draw a small retirement check due to the limited time invested. That is unless you went to work in another city, county or state agency using the same retirement program. Regardless, as a rule, no retirement check until you've reached the programs designated age requirement.


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