02 June 2022

So Tired

I have been The Lovely Harvey's right hand for over a month now.

She cannot drive, so I've been doing all the transportation.

The Boy has taken it upon himself to crank up being a shit to twelve, twisting the knob past the traditional eleven.

I'm worn to a nub mentally and not far behind physically.

It's a major scheduling undertaking to get out of the house for even an hour to make sure the local brewery's tasting room has not burned down.

I am mush brained and looking back at some recent posts...  Yeah.

About my only saving grace on one is Mr Fleetwood has not said, "American colonists widely owned cannon, because cannon were not in any way regulated by The Crown."  He kind of accumulates information like that and has an irritating habit of telling me when I'm wrong.

I need some range time.  Marv has an unfired (by him) Garand to test.  I have a pile of .45's from The Chomps Collection to shoot as well.

1 comment:

  1. 24/7 caretaking just sucks. Sorry The Boy is troubling.

    Go shoot something.

    As to artillery, there's the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company (of Massachusetts) which has been around since 1683 but that's maybe a militia so maybe not 'civilian' ownership. But not owned by The Crown so maybe so.


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