02 June 2022

Open Letter To Disney-LucasFilm

Dear LucasFilm,

I'm getting tired of being called a racist misogynist when you create bad characters with bad dialog then cast them with minority women.

I'm not the one making shitty characters that deserve complaining about.

I'm not even calling the minority women actors bad actors.

I've seen far too many of the actors and actresses in Star Wars movies doing fine work in other films.  The problem is directors and writers in most cases, not the actors.

And the only actors who can be counted on to get good dialog and characters are the ones who could quit and still be financially OK.

Unlike your minority woman who's a virtual unknown before she was cast in Star Wars.

Do a better job of writing and directing and we won't care if your character is CGI and voiced by Hatsune Miku! 

I think the fact that you're getting ahead of the complaints with accusations of racism says you know her character sucks and is going to get complaints.

Rose Tico wasn't a good character.  Kelly Marie Tran, isn't a poor actress.  But there was a fake campaign to make it look like the fans were attacking her for her shitty character when we all realized that it was the idiot director.

Speaking of that idiot director.  He's done excellent work with other films, which makes me think that the problem is even higher up the food chain than the people actually making the films.

Hey, Disney, you want to make a decent Han Solo prequel series?  Buy the rights to the Brian Daley trilogy.


  1. Disney used to be satisfied distributing a good, acceptable product that made lots of profit. Now they are producing trash propaganda that doesn't seem to be acceptable to the old mass market. Get Woke; Go Broke. That will create opportunities for creative competitors unless the Brandon Regime mandates, and subsidizes, the ideological trash.

  2. It seems like the same problem as Dr. Who, Jodie Whittaker is excellent but the writing was so crap she should have sued the showrunner for malpractice. I am also developing the opinion that accusations of racism and misogyny are the last refuge of the scoundrel.


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