02 June 2022

Deadly Attack Turtle

Saved this little guy from getting hit by a car yesterday:

We think it's a river cooter.

It patrolled the fence for a bit and then wandered away.

It was prolly driven out of its normal home by the heavy rains Sunday and was having trouble navigating back.


  1. I guide them toward a place every time I see one. In East Texas, water is usually within eye sight when they are in the road. It chaps my Ass to see one run over. Nobody Has to do that. I'm pretty sure some jakkass hit them and called it proof of their driving skills. I'm just really happy I've never Seen anyone do that. I've got no idea how I would handle it. Hell,I'll grab a king snake, turtle, whatever is Not dangerous and in a bad place.

  2. Probably looking for a nest site. They have a terrible sense of direction I guess.


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