09 June 2022

This Should Go Well

Looks like Florida's state preemption on firearms laws is going to the state supreme court.

This law was not controversial until the state congress gave it teeth by levying fines on the politicians who passed ordinances, regulations and rules which violated the preemption law.

Fines that they cannot pass on to their constituents.

It also forbids them from using their political subdivision's funds to defend themselves, sparing the local taxpayers of the burden.

Gods forbid that politicians who violate our rights be held accountable!

Accountability is for little people.

I think the law will stand.

All subdivisions in Florida are creations of the state.  So the state has the authority to tell them what to do.

There is no assumed sovereignty at any level below the state already, and limited autonomy.

So that's where the state can say they can order the preemption.

There's no doubt that the state can specify a punishment for breaking the law.

Fingers crossed anyway.


  1. Let us hope that our state constitution wins out over the politicians' wishes to be unaccountable.

  2. I watched the live stream of the argument on YouTube.

    It was kinda brutal to the challenging side, four out of the seven asked very damaging questions that got unconvincing answers while they completely went over time and we're given an extra 4 minutes for rebuttal over the normal total of twenty minutes for arguments.

    The side defending it completed it's statement without any questions and under time.

    It looks promising.


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