28 June 2022

Is It Just Me

Did Blogger just make the font size smaller than it was?

It's like 8-point on my laptop with 120% zoom.

Update: It's every computer and OS I have access to and it's JUST posts on the front page.


  1. Yup. Blogger done minimized the print. Again. Jerks.

  2. the font is indeed smaller

  3. Yup, for me too. Older Post pages are larger font as well.


  4. It's truly tiny now when viewed on a 4K monitor.

  5. It was slightly smaller but only annoyingly so Monday and Tuesday.

    Today it's fine-print-on-the-medicine-bottle.

    (Using Firefox 87.0 - which I'm still using because a bunch of the "upgrades" Mozilla has done blow dead goats.)


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