08 June 2022

Whom Should Have Them Again

While it hasn't happened locally recently, the meme that reminded me of it isn't exactly fresh either.

While the local press is all about criminals getting their guns from unlocked cars right now, that meme reminded me of a rash of reports of guns being found in restaurant bathrooms a few years back.

Wait.  Did I say "found"?

I mean to say, "The sheriff's department would like the gun the deputy left in the shitter back because it wasn't there when they realized they'd dropped more than a deuce."

Someone had found the pistol.  Probably didn't even call in a background check on themselves before deciding to keep it.

During this rash of five or six lost deputy guns, the press only talked about recovering two.

Happily, our sheriff is proactive about this.  The deputies in question are suspended without pay until their gun is recovered.  He even beat the union on that one.

Sadly, we're still getting lectured on being responsible with our privately held guns while at the same time being told that government should have all the guns because they're more responsible.

But, in this case they're right.  Don't store your guns in your car.

While I hold the thief responsible, their responsibility doesn't change that you're out a gun and a criminal now has it.

PS: Car makers: You are partially to blame for so many unlocked cars with your "innovative" methods intended to make it impossible to lock your keys in the car.  A 1970's car would be locked, a 2000's+ car isn't.  Still a lot of muscle memory out there from learning how to lock those old cars.


  1. Can't say as I have a lot of experience with more modern vehicles, but the only one I've had that gives me hassles about locking is my current 2003 Rust Bomb.. uhm, Dodge Grand Caravan, and that's only the electric locks not firing if the key is still in the ignition and the door is open - which I can kinda see. (Of course, if the driver is getting out, the manual knob is still there and I grew up on '70s iron so that's a default.)

    I'm more pissed about there's being only two manual locks - driver's door and the the hatch. Passenger door and the two sliders? "Oh, you'll never want to just unlock *one* door, durrr!"

    1. Most cars, not sure when it started exactly, won't let you lock the doors if they are open; especially the driver's door. Some lock all but the driver's door, some don't lock any.

      The Equinox only has a driver's door key. The gate latch is entirely electric. I am fascinated about what to do if that fails.

  2. If I found a gun in a bathroom, I'd figure that Santa Claus had come early that year. Or the Gun Fairy had decided to visit me.

    1. Everyone who's been caught after taking the "free gun" have been charged with stealing it.

      Almost as if the thief is primarily responsible and not the owner...


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