28 June 2022


I had not heard about this.

In a nutshell, it appears that West Virginia is arguing that if Congress wants something to be illegal, then they need to pass a law rather than abdicating their legislative power to an executive agency.

This would be gigantic for gun owners!

How many things are decided by BATFE by fiat?


  1. BATFE is truly horrible in the way that they have expanded their power through ruling by fiat... They are certainly not the only agency that does it. Maybe the worst though.

    1. No, BLM is worse, well the BLM of Obama and later is far worse. Which is why it was one of the first agencies Trump took on. BATFE affects more people, but BLM has and is a corrupt agency that does things so underhanded, well, that people have had armed insurrections against them.

  2. https://pictures.reuters.com/CS.aspx?VP3=SearchResult&VBID=2C0BXZUDOY8JK&SMLS=1&RW=1920&RH=858&POPUPPN=2&POPUPIID=2C0BF1SW4U4U4

    More than just gun-owners, I think.

    Call me a cynic but … I’m not holding my breath (the effects would be potentially too widespread and drastic – removing 90+% of the (arbitrary) restrictions imposed on us, in one fell swoop, for them to ever allow this).

  3. The whole show lately seems to have come back from intermission, hasn't it?
    The Court stuff I don't get. Puzzle pieces don't fit? If the court wouldn't hear election issues due to 'lack of standing', it is argued its compromised. Yet the latest batch of rulings, and those working their way through, would argue the court is not compromised.
    I hate not even being able to tell who or what to trust and listen to. Not that I absorb other people's opinions, but rather cannot tell what to weight as fact and what to weight as fiction.

  4. as i read this aoc is espousing court packing by biden and company. could the ruling be designed to force that very issue? or to give dems issues to use for 2024? idk, i hate to look a gift horse in the mouth but...


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