24 June 2022

Can't Blog Drowning

While I don't describe myself as Pro-Life, the same people who were dying from dehydration from crying over the 2nd Amendment finally being elevated in the court to the same level as the other civil rights...

...Are now crying about Roe v Wade being nuked.

So many tears, Florida has disappeared under the rising sea and I have drowned.



  1. Ayup. How long can you tread water?

    Of course, stay away from city centers for a while until this all calms down.

  2. I don't even consider myself pro-life but I do enjoy watching the libtards cry.

  3. I'm so pro-abortion that people call me "the Fetinator," but seeing those assholes having screaming fits is a lot of fun. Wait till after this fall's election when the Republican majority overturns the January 6 hearings nonsense and gets ready to impeach Biden and Harris!


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