21 June 2022

Ka Boom

Went to the range to do some recoil therapy.

Zeroing Tabitha went smoothly as did Marv's first ping from his Garand.

The problem occurs when I took my M&P 9C to the pistol range.

The good news is 115gr shoots point of aim rather than low and left like 135gr did.

The bad news...

On my third shot of what was shaping up to be an excellent group...  Recoil was much stouter, flame from the ejection port and some dust-like debris hit me in the face.  The casing went down range, but I was able to recover it.

No es bueno.

This is the culprit:

I don't recall where I got this ammo.  I think, perhaps, Britton's when the 9mm supplies were dry across the board.

BVAC doesn't exactly have a strong web presence, so there's no emailing them to complain, assuming they're even still in business.  That manufacturing date isn't recent and the price was just $13 a box.

As far as I can tell the pistol and the magazine are unharmed.  If the gun had been broken by this ammo I would have been very bummed because it's the M&P 9C I just bought not that long ago!

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  1. Bitterroot Valley Ammunition & Components, Stevensville MT. FB page has jack, their URL has been squatted by an airsoft ammo seller. Local paper has an interview from 2018 with one of the founders, money quote is: "In 2010, Newsom started up a companion business to BVAC called Armcor Cartridge Inc. and subsequently BVAC was sold to a Chicago company that, he said, ran it into the ground."

    Still have a couple boxes of BVAC .22LR that I bought for testing a long time back... IIRC it was awfully smoky, for .22.


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