18 June 2022


I put the magazine disconnector back in my S&W model 59.

I'm not toting it anymore, so its inclusion is not a large matter.

While I dislike the feature, I've a standing policy concerning it on guns I own because of my interest in the history of the design.

Leave it if it came with it (unless you're counting on it daily).

My experiment carrying it ended the same night I wrecked The Precious because I couldn't wear the shoulder holster while I healed.

It's presently too hot to wear the cover garment for the shoulder rig.

My gut and the lack space for IWB in a C6 Corvette led to seeking alternate methods of carry.

Oh, that gut also contraindicates AIWB.  You skinny fuckers wanna carry like that, go for it.  Wait until you hit that metabolic wall and get fat no matter what you do.  If you never do, you suck and I hate you!  (Out of sheer jealousy).

The Beast's seats are specifically designed to allow space for a gun-belt, so IWB should be back on the table.  If Don Hume ever ships...

1 comment:

  1. Old fat guy here and I have found a Comfortac belly band, sized appropriately, works wonders for carrying a reasonably sized pistol. The price is an additional bonus.


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