20 June 2022

Which Ruling Will Piss Off The Liberals Tomorrow

There's only two big opinions from the Supreme Court left to drop and only two more scheduled days (Tuesday and Thursday) to do them.

Will we get NYSRPA v Bruen or Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization?

Popcorn popping.


  1. Imagine if they did both on one day! "Yes, you can have guns, no you can't have unlimited abortions! NEXT!" The meltdowns would have made a Trump landslide in 2020 look like nothing much.

  2. Lol, I almost always carry a gun to work with me in the truck (686 with 4" barrel)... but lately I've been double checking the bullets before leaving the driveway.

  3. They're not dropping the Dobbs v Jackson until all the justices have fled to "undisclosed locations". Which they better choose themselves quietly because if it goes through any of the law clerks it'll be leaked to the DOJ and then to Jane's Revenge or some organization like them for the assassinations.


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