05 June 2022

Moar Tank On Train Pics

The Facebook Tanker Community posted a series.

They appear to be T-80BV and the claim is they were spotted near St Petersburg.

Russia is taking losses, and moving these out of storage for refurbishment would definitely be quicker than building a whole new tank from scratch.

Who knows how stripped for parts or how out of date these particular vehicles are though.

Bringing these tanks out of storage isn't an indication that Russia is losing the war!  Just that they're taking losses and need to replace those lost vehicles.

Unrelated: In 1988 we would have freely given testicles for these pics.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Angus;

    You ain't kidding, the "Potsdam Mission" people would have crawled into a maneuver area in East Germany for that pic.


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