25 October 2021

59 Toting

The Model 59 got its debut at the theater when we went to see Dune.

As expected, it was no different from any other pistol I've carried in a Miami Classic.

It stayed concealed like it was supposed to.

I've got three Miami Classic rigs.

The Miami Classic II for the 1911 which has carried both a Springfield 1911 GI in .45 and a Colt Gov't Model in .38 Super.

The first Miami Classic is for the plastic fantastic M&P series.  This one has hidden an M&P 9 and an M&P 45C.

The second Miami Class is the one I'm using for the 59 and the first one I've bought used.

I think, sometimes, that I'm obsessed with shoulder holsters.

First there was the Army and the M9 holster and M1911A1.

I tried several nylon Uncle Mike's holster for various pistols (packing illegally in Iowa).  They were bulky and awkward.

My first Galco shoulder holster was The Executive for my P232.  It was a very comfortable rig, but no provision for extra ammo.

Then came all the Miami Classic variations.


  1. Concerning the question of Uncle Mikes, are you speaking of vertical carry or horizontal ? I have a horizontal carry for Star PD that carries well, but need for longer sleeves is needed. The velcro adjustable strap patch will wear on the inside bicep otherwise.

    Very little experience with vertical carry, and that with a longer 6" revolver so probably does not fit the comment above. Apples and oranges, this isn't concealment holster really.

    Thanks for the description above, hope the movie was good.


    1. Vertical. They don't seem to make the model I was using anymore.

      The two main problems were the X crossing moved around your back and made the holster tilt away from your body at the top and the nylon padding was too thick to hide well.

      I think it was intended to be an open carry holster, to be honest.

  2. Miami Classic!? I thought that was a stumpy 12 ga. Musta been looking at the wrong channel.


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