25 October 2021

The Rumors Were Correct


Probably a Tisas rebranding.

MSRP of $700 is decent.



  1. Read a favorable review on this and was very surprised at the MSRP -- thought it would be quite a bit higher.
    Worth considering; I could leave my 1950 FN High Power in the safe.

  2. I am curious why they didn't offer the ambidextrous safety from the first.

    Copying the Craig Spegel grips was a good choice.

  3. Nice sights. And handsome grips as noted above. My Argentinian FM has the original front half moon which is hard to pick up in low light.


  4. I've got more than enough 9x19 pistols... As nice as it looks, it isn't going to make my short list any time soon.

    1. "I've got more than enough 9x19 pistols..."

      I can tell you're upset, so we'll just pretend you didn't say that.

    2. Well, I have enough 9x19 that there are some other calibers I'd like to get before another 9x19. Not to say that if a deal was too good to refuse I might not buy another...

    3. Specifically I kind of have a desire for a full size revolver in .45 Colt. Not sure if I want something vintagey or something modern, but definitely something that can handle full power loads. I have a Derringer you are familiar with, and a Pietta Remington 1858 clone with an R&D .45 Colt conversion cylinder. The Pietta is fun, but really only safe to shoot with "cowboy" level loads. The Derringer is safe to shoot full power loads in... Just as you know, it isn't real pleasant to shoot even with reduced power loads.

    4. Fuck that derringer! My thumb hurts even thinking about it! My pain is not salved even a bit that it's my own fault for shooting four rounds past, "this is starting to be painful."


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