28 October 2021

I'll Be The Dick To Say It

Are the "Americans" trapped in Afghanistan actually Americans or are they foreigners with some sort of approved immigration status like a green card?

Because if it's the latter I have a lot of trouble summoning much give a shit for their plight.

The latter group is just more Afghanis and I don't really want anyone from that fucked up culture here until we're allowed to go full on melting pot on them.

That goes for any immigrant, really, but they're going to take a lot more work than, say, Mexicans.  Mexicans, and other South Americans, aren't really too far removed from being Americans because they're, more or less, part of Western Civ being from nations influenced by Portugal and Spain.

Latinos pick up being American right quick when they have to.  The problem, really, is they don't have to at present and they're like 80% of the way there already.

A culture that's not even 10% of the way there isn't going to blend at all unless forced and for some reason we don't seem to acknowledge that America has a culture and that people who want to live here should adopt it or go elsewhere.


  1. You're basically saying what a lot of people are thinking...

  2. It usually takes three generations or so in the US to make an "American" out of foreign stock. If we could stem the tides from Latin America, we could absorb what we've got. Out in Southern California, I run into "Latinos" all the time who're fully fluent in English and can kinda-sorta get along in Spanish at the best. Fred Reed said that when he was living in DC, he watched the Spanish language TV channels to keep his Spanish sharp, and noted that every third commercial was for an English-language school.

    That said, I want to know what American civilians were doing in Afghanistan in the first damn place. Wandering around in an active war zone does not strike me as the height of wisdom. Kind of like how I'm not too sympathetic to the people who died aboard the Lusitania. If they had to travel to Europe through waters that were known to be infested with U-boats, they should have taken a neutral-flagged ship.


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