16 October 2021

Sex Bolt

AKA Chicago Screw.

The holster for the model 59 was missing the Chicago screw that tensions the draw.

This is a style of fastener that I know, but can NEVER remember the name of when I'm looking to get one.

So I recreate the search again and again to figure out the name and get one ordered.

At present I've cannibalized the female portion of the screw from the magazine pouch from my Miami Classic II for my 1911.

I've ordered 10 sets of the appropriate size from Amazon because Galco didn't reply to my contact form.

They're 8-32x3/8" for those shopping at home.



  1. The "Chicago Screws" that I have seen were tightened to a hard stop. What keeps them in position when used as an adjustable tension mechanism?

    1. Smushing a thick rubber washer provides the tension.

  2. A little locktite helps a lot. Used them on my armor, far easier than 'real' rivets.

    And you can buy them at old-school hardware stores, under binder hardware, like binding manuscripts.

    Or order them online and keep a supply. Once you have them you'll find they are useful for all sorts of things.

  3. I learned to call them 'sex bolts' at least 30 years ago. I thought the McMaster-Carr catalog listed them that way too. Never heard them called 'chicago' bolts.

    --just checked McMaster calls them 'Binding Barrels and Screws' but I got to that page by searching for "sex bolts".

    I wonder if they still sell 'dykes' or if they are all diagonal cutters now.



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