19 October 2021

Replacing Older Guns

While it's not quite cool enough to wear the 59 outside yet, I've been wearing it around the house.

It occurs to me that since the Model 59 is a proven, reliable design that if you already had one, you didn't need to be buying a different gun to replace it.

With new magazines, it's not giving up capacity against a Glock 17 or M&P 9.

It's actually a bit smaller than a Glock 17 though it's heavier.

And I say this with a gun safe that's bulging with 9mm pistols...

If you had a Browning High Power, you weren't unarmed when the S&W 59 came out.

If you had a S&W 59 you weren't unarmed when the Glock hit the streets.

Et cetera.

But there's a strong urge to leap to the next greatest thing.  That's why my safe is full...

I could see someone upgrading from a S&W 39 to a 59, moar dakka is nice.  It's what made me change from an M&P9 Shield to an M&P9 Shield Plus.

If one model didn't fit your hand and one with near identical specs did... change over.


I know, marketing hates this idea.

If you're armed with a pistol you shoot well in a round that will get the job done you don't need to change horses.


This does NOT address want.  You want to have a safe full of 9mm pistols?  Go for it!

I am in no position to call you on it.

I filled a safe Grokking to its fullness the small differences between many models of gun.  I don't NEED to do this, I want to.  I enjoy the process of discovering it and sharing it with all y'all.


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  1. And we appreciate reading about what you find out. Reminds us of just why we purchased 'another 9mm / .45ACP / .357 Magnum etc. For many of us, a certain make / model of firearm just seems to fit us more. Many range shooters don't mind a heavy, more bulky design as they are carried about in a case or bag. Those of us who carry them holstered have more need of comfort. Because that can become annoying.



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