15 October 2021

What Does Baffled Mean?

The ceiling fan in Mother-in-law's room developed a sheet-metal tinging noise once per rotation.

We just put that thing in on Friday!

But we had one still in the box, so I went to swap the motor housing from the tinging fan to the new one.

Wired it up and turned on the power to test the connection, the motor moved a bit and all the lights in both bedrooms, and all the outlets on the front wall, her bedroom wall (which affects the other bedroom too) and the outlets in the garage ceiling all went out too.

What it did not do was pop the breaker.

We tried to trace wires, in the dark, and nothing obvious showed up.

There's two breakers that don't change the state of affairs, those are now shut off.

Electrician will be called in the morning, this has gone above our pay grade.


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