21 October 2021

Sorry Karl, But

Why is Eugene Stoner thought of as a ".308 guy"?

The AR-3, AR-10, AR-12 and AR-16 are in 7.62x51mm.  That's almost half the Armalite guns he was responsible for.

His first design after leaving Armalite was the 7.62x51mm Stoner 62 for Cadillac Gage.  James Sullivan had more to do with scaling it down to 5.56 and the Stoner 63.

He wasn't involved in scaling the AR-16 down to the AR-18 and doesn't appear to have been involved with converting the AR-3 to the AR-10's gas system for the AR-11.

Whenever he was left to his own devices, he always returned to the 7.62x51mm.

Being a team player, he was perfectly OK with developing things for other rounds, but...

Showing a clip of Mr Stoner talking about helping develop what becomes 5.56x45mm doesn't mean that he preferred 5.56, it just means he wasn't a monomaniac about the round he preferred.


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