15 October 2021

Channeling My Inner Douglas Adams

People are gluing themselves to the road in England.

"Sir, do you have any idea how much damage this steamroller would sustain if I were to allow it to roll right over you?"

"No.  How much damage?"

"None, whatsoever."

One thing you can be sure of when you let the steamroller roll; they will not be doing that again.

Just sayin'.



  1. A shovel is another good to get glued hands loose from a road. Just saying...

  2. So will the Queen song now be "Flat-bottomed girls..."?

  3. Just leave them there. Block around them and don't let their friends come to help.

    Your "noble protest" isn't so noble anymore when you've been stuck to the road for 6 hours by your hands, shat your pants, and are thirsty and stinky with the whole world watching you suffer in live 4k streaming.


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