31 October 2021

Sabers And... Snippet 12

"Corporal Allen!  After him!"

The Googoo was running flat out away from the scouting party.

The purpose of the scout was to find the Googoo, not to be found out by them.

Allen wheeled his horse around and gave her the spurs.

He knew from experience that the mare needed to get settled on her gallop before he had even half a chance at a shot.

He let go of the reins, steering with leg pressure and brought his carbine up and grabbed a round out of the magic loop in his ammo belt.

He'd closed within 20 yards as he chambered the round and put a bead on the back of the Googoo.

"Roll with the rhythm of the horse, don't fight the bouncing..." he thought as the sights aligned...


A small puff of dust came off the leather shirt the Googoo wore and it tumbled to the ground almost as Allen got even with it.

Allen dropped the carbine on its sling and recovered his reins.

He never saw the Googoo that hit him in the back of the head with sling-stone...

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