27 October 2021

Family Circus Focus

If you're familiar with The Family Circus then you've seen the "I came straight home!" strips with the kid's path meandering all over the known universe between the two points.

I am presently upset with someone's pattern of discussion over on Facebook and I can't get my thoughts to gel at all.

What is nice is seeing others confronting them there where I would have expected them to defer.

The someone has been blogging for a long time and tends to get such deference in blog comments.

Apparently Facebook is now more Wild West than Blogger and more people feel they can confront them.


  1. Some bloggers are annoying to say the least. Your blog is very entertaining.
    Thank you

  2. Since I refuse to do Farcebook, any hints?

  3. I didn't know that there were any "real" people left on FakeBook.


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