28 October 2021

Too Soon?



  1. Nah... 156 years is probably long enough.

  2. From what has come out so far, there was a stunning amount of carelessness and incompetence on that set, with regards to the firearms.

  3. Dude, I can hear Greek-Philosopher-Guy poop his pants from here.

    Definitely not too soon.

    1. Au contraire.

      That's genius!

      Did you catch the one Phil had up @ BustedKnuckles today?

      Same story.

      Baldwin has built up a metric f**kton of bad karma, and all of that that goes his way is more than deserved.

      So you might want check your shorts.
      Just saying.

  4. Replies
    1. To be fair, Internet memes weren't really possible for at least 130 years (give or take) after the Lincoln assassination.

      Even then, the protomemes would likely have only shown up on some random GeoCities page....


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