18 October 2021


Something I've noticed more than once is that I don't seem to have problems with guns which others scream are garbage.

Case in point is my PSA PSAK.

Mollie Bean has never failed to function despite being a PSAK blem kit where I had to buy furniture separately.

That's not to say that ownership of Mollie has been trouble free.  The front sight post was a trial and the gas tube and magazine latch needed some massaging.

But it has always gone bang and groups well enough.

The problems that I've had are not the problems I've seen the most complaints about.  My bolt is not deforming.  My trunion is not stretching.  My extractor has not fallen out.  My firing pin has not broken.

You would think, from reading some forums, that any PSA AK is hot garbage and can't be fired.

Those forums also have a camp of people who've decided that only AK's from formerly Godless Commie nations are worth buying and give dire predictions about how many rounds it will fire before being shot out.

Battlefield Vegas has a PSA AK that they put 17k rounds through full-auto before the nitrided barrel started showing signs of being shot out.

I'm old enough to remember when 10k rounds was the expected barrel life of a bolt action in something like a .30-06.  The US Army says 5-6k rounds for a chrome lined M4 barrel.

I think that 17k is fine.

Notice that I gave a list of things that had been reported by owners of the PSAK?

The Commie Guns Is Best Guns don't tell you what fails.  They just say that Commies Make Best and drop the mic like it's self evident.

Quantify your argument so you can make a falsifiable hypothesis or shut the fuck up!



  1. People must remember that firing 17,000 rounds of high velocity ammo through a 20" rifle barrel, the contact time of each round being what, .00003 seconds or some such tiny amount of time? So actual time spent touching the barrel of all of those very extremely hot rounds adds up, even at the high end, to what, 2-4 minutes or something? So to shoot a barrel out is really something that either takes a long time, or is done by someone actually attempting to do so, with several of his friends, by shooting it until it gets super hot, cooling it down with water, and then doing it again, over the course of a couple of days, to get to the number of rounds that finally cause the gun to wear out.
    In normal use, by a normal person, even one who is a heavy shooter, a normal, every day AK or AR will probably go 10,000 rounds, easily, no matter what, no matter the care given or not given.
    I worked in a foundry/steel making company that made the steel for firearms, along with other high quality steels. And the specifications for gun steels got tighter and tighter from 1978 until I left in 2013. Made of 410 or even 4130 or 4140, a barrel made of our steel was as good as it could be, if treated properly. One of our customers, from my initial days, was Ruger, starting out as selling to Pine Tree Castings, in New Hampshire. Then following them to Arizona. We still sold some to PTC, mostly 410, and we got back some small revolver frames, which looked like those made by NAA, and others. I don't know who they sold them to, but that is what the frames looked like.
    I myself have wondered if an AR 15, made with an upper and a lower, completed and just put together, that I bought from Palmetto State Armory, for about 450$, is so much less useful than a gun that I see paid some 2100-3000 for. I know that in a handgun, if I pay 300$, then buy one for 1,000$, the higher priced gun will of course be of better quality. But that is due to higher quality materials. The actual ability of the gun to shoot and be safe will usually not be effective. For example, Taurus makes the G4, and I used to own their G2, made after the recall, and I carried it for over 2 years,maybe 3,until my niece bugged me into selling it to her, and now I carry a Ruger SR9c, which I paid I think 275$ or so for. Again, a good gun, not great, but reliable and shootable, with a 17 and a 10 round mag.
    There are a couple of guns that I would like to get, one being a CZ USA, another being a SIG SAUER, both SA/DA, but I just cannot justify the cost, as I would have to sell a gun, and the only one that I could sell is my Ruger Mark IV 22/45, and I could never part with it, unless I really had to.

    1. PSA claims 4150CMV for the nitride barrels I have from PSA.


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