13 October 2021

Adventure! Excitement!

The browser was slow to open on the Bootcamp side of things.

So I did what one does and check the resource monitor to see what was using all the smoke.

And didn't notice that I was looking at the disk access log...

That makes it seem as if there's hundreds of copies of the same file accessing every corner of the drive.

This led to something of a panic because the two apps that were doing all the accessing were listed as names that trojans used to disguise themselves.

If you find them outside the system32 folder, you've got a trojan.

So I slogged through all the folders looking for the culprits.

Nope, just the ones in System32.

Then I noticed I was looking at disk access and those two programs normally do what I saw.

One of them is an invasive MicroSoft "quality assurance" reporting program and JT managed to talk me through disabling it.

Win7 boots faster now!


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