31 October 2021

Sabers And... Snippet 13

These horse-monsters were different.

The gathered in flocks like the killer-birds and worked together to hunt.

Like the other horse-monsters with feathers in their hair, they possessed the metal sticks of death.

The Wolf Tribe needed to know more about them if they were to drive them away.

They needed to be driven away before they found a place where their magic worked and the tribe's didn't like the other horse-monsters had in the dead mountains.

Lion's Bane would be honored around the fire for leading one of the new horse-monsters into the trap... an honor he would only attend in spirit.

Fleetfoot would be honored for catching the top half of the new horse monster.

Assuming his sling had not killed it.  They might be more fragile than the feather hair tops.


  1. Are those the "critters" who live in the villages along the rivers or in the mountain "hollows"? Polite but a bit "stand offish".

    1. Ain't sure yet. The Googoo culture is still getting the serial numbers filed off its parts from where I stole them.

  2. You has done LAWSS ME, whiteboy...ain't got a mufkin clue...


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