09 October 2021

Guns From Gaming That Didn't Betray Me

The FAL and the High Power have performed for me in real life every bit as well as they did in every game where they were available.

The SMLE works just fine, I didn't start putting this on character sheets until I owned one and noticed that it got double the rate of fire in GURPS 3e than other bolt-guns.

The Garand never let me down at the range.

I've got a rapport with the 1911.

Of late, it's more likely a real gun I own will end up on a character sheet than me buying a gun to match the sheet.



  1. GURPS big fans of the "Mad Minute" thing for the SMLE? I do like the ones I own, the No 1 Mk 3 has one of the smoothest actions and back when ammo was cheap (the 90's) I used to try the rapid fire technique... Never REALLY got it, certainly not to British Army standards :-) But it was fun... Prefer the Garand and the IBM Carbine personally... Working IT, so the IBM was required...

    1. 3e probably justified it via the mad minute.

      4e dropped the RoF to the same as any other bolt gun.


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