10 October 2021

The S&W Model 59 In The Modern Era

Since donations are starting to roll in, I guess I'd better start writing about packing a c.1975 pistol in 2021.

Thank to Mecgar, there is no loss in capacity against newer guns.

It's as close as no never mind the same size as a Glock 45.

The 59 is a bit heavier; 2.3 lb. vs 2.0 lb.  17 shot reloads are the same weight at 0.6 lb. each.

Sights on the Glock are more visible and far easier to upgrade.  The Glock, except for the magazine release is ambidextrous; and that can be swapped to the other side if needs be.

The S&W started more expensive than a Glock and has retained value well, so a new Glock is still cheaper than a used 59.

The S&W has soul.  But soul doesn't win gunfights.  Not that I expect to be able to report back on one during this experiment.

My groups with the Smith are a bit better.  But that was at the no-stress range.


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