15 October 2021

Day Two

Learning to love the M16A4.

The LED upgrade to the M951 Sure-Fire is worth it.

It lights up the night and the tape-switch is definitely handier than the X300's rocker.

The Primary Arms 5x is proven to me after surviving all those years on Dottie.

The mass hasn't been a problem toting it to the shitter and back.

The length is something I need to get used to after using Kaylee for the home-defense role for so long.

The 20" barrel might pay off in extra velocity if someone is stupid enough to break down my door.

I have noticed that the Brownell's tube is more consistent than the Palmetto State offerings on a couple of guns.  Kaylee's 14.5 is wonderful.  Lavender Linda... the groups are kinda big.  I need to get back to the range with her and Tonya.

One feature of the A4 I just can't seem to embrace is the vertical fore-grip.  It just doesn't suit me.  There's no unit mandate forcing me to have one, so I can skip it if I want.



  1. I carried an A4 at the end of my military career. I preferred the A2. For my personal battle gun I have a AR in 6.8 SPC with a 16" barrel. The 5.56 was a round designed to wound. I prefer a larger caliber. The 6.8SPC has a case based off an existing American round and shooting a 110-130gr .270" projectile. It has a more effective range than the 5.56.

    I do have a .223/5.56 magazine fed rifle but it is a safe queen. It is also third choice as it has iron sights and lacks the ability to put long range optics on it easily. We all have our priorities.

    1. I wish the "only designed to wound" myth would die.

      The information is out there, it's easy to get to, but nobody bothers to read it.

      They just repeat the myth. I blame the instructors in the USMC for perpetuating this myth because I hear it most often from Marines.

      http://www.razoreye.net/mirror/ammo-oracle/AR15_com_Ammo_Oracle_Mirror.htm read the whole thing.

      I like 6.8, I own one. I was an early adopter of the SPCII.

      It's got a lot to like about it. I'd have loved for it to have not fallen into obscurity. Sadly, it's on its way to being as renowned as the .30 Remington it's case is derived from.


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