17 October 2021

Bitching About A Manicure

I am officially old, because I am now old enough to remember when a general had to, at least, be an adult.

I'm not saying that we should never have opened up command ranks to women, but I do note that the present bullshit with that reserve 2-star would be impossible prior to said opening.

I even said it while I was in.

If women want equality, why all the special rules?

Lower standards for PT.

Completely different standards for grooming.

Able to get a medical discharge under honorable conditions for a self-inflicted condition.  <-- Look that one up!

Not required to register for or be subject to the draft.

They never wanted equality, and they sure get mad when you point it out.

By the way, many of the requirements loosened for women were established by lessons learned in blood.  This standard or people will die is why they were put at the male levels.



  1. It's called uniform grooming standards for a uniform reason, something about uniformity.

    Me? If'n I was running the Pentagon, she'd be out on her arse with a less than honorable.

  2. How are grooming regulations "established by lessons learned in blood?" I'm not being a snot; I honestly don't understand.

    1. The physical fitness standards were established when it was noticed that units consisting of people who were out of shape did not arrive at the battlefield ready to fight and ended up dying in much larger numbers than those who were.

      The grooming standards, likewise, stem from enforcing hygiene and preventing disease and vermin. In later years even the previously OK facial hair was nuked because of interference with gas masks and similar gear.

      People died from not having the standards and or enforcing them.

  3. I'll believe they want equality when all the ring knockers at the Pentagon start pushing for the service academies to eliminate the separate athletic teams for men and women. Want to swim for Annapolis or run for West Point, ladies? Show up for try outs and beat the men for a spot on the team.

  4. As far as general, all-around equality goes...I've noticed that all other factors being equal, it's harder to convict a woman of crime than a man, and if she is convicted, she'll get less time (usually) and serve it in a lot less threatening environment.


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