22 October 2021


 Marv and I went to see Dune this evening.

The Lovely Harvey bought the tickets using The Boy's app so he got the points.

I hope that Dune does well enough in the box office to make the second part because the director has done the book justice.

I noticed a couple of small changes from the book because I'd just read it recently.

The only one that glared was Chani saying, "Paul," instead of, "Usul," in his vision/dreams.

The rest were really unremarkable.

Except making Vladimir Harkonnen a fairly conventional bad guy.  I guess we can't have the bad guy be gay in today's woke Hollywood.

It'll be a while before we can have gay villains again.  Too easy for some bigots to equate gay = evil when Harkonnen was an evil person who happens to be gay not someone who is evil because they are gay.

The woke and the bigots can't see that distinction, let alone make it.


  1. IIRC, in the book Vladimir Harkonnen was not only gay, but apparently a pedophile. You'd think that a pedophile villain would be A-OK these days.

    When I read the book, I thought that Herbert had gone overboard on him---Russian given name, hugely fat (and everybody knows that fat = evil!), gay, and a pedophile. I thought it'd have been more interesting, and added some tragedy, if Harkonnen had been a perfectly nice guy who just happened to be caught up in a feud with the Atreides.

    1. Maybe Herbert was just showing us the evil of European royalty, whether actual royalty or Socialist State Elite.

      Because we've sure learned a lot about the world-wide elitist pedophelic evil people lately, even though the USDOJ and FBI can't seem to connect two dots together.


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