20 October 2021

Oh By The Way

Florida has, arguably, done the least with regards to forcing people to do something about Wu Ping Cough.

You'd think with our lack of mandates and wide open businesses there'd be bodies stacked like cord wood outside every funeral home and a severe shortage of grave sites...

Yeah, about that.

We did get a spike of the "delta variant" that came back down as fast as it went up.

We're doing second best with regards to cases in the nation, after basically doing "nothing."  Where "nothing" is defined by forcing people to shut down businesses, hide in their homes and become vaccinated.

Notice, though, that Florida didn't forbid anyone from getting vaccinated.  Florida did a great deal towards getting people tested and making sure vaccines were available.  Lots of people did get vaccinated.  My son is.  Marvyn is.  My in laws are.  The Lovely Harvey and I likely will.

I'm skeptical of the need and the efficacy of the vaccines, but we also seem to be outside the groups that have adverse reactions to it.

I also, voluntarily, get a flu shot every year.

I'm generally very pro-vax.  Though I'm a bit skeptical of that flu shot because they have guessed which variation of the flu will be the prevailing one quite a bit.

My objection to the vaccine mandates is the extortion aspect.  "It's a nice job you have here, it'd be a shame if something were to happen to it..."



  1. well, do some research before you get your next flu shot because one if not more of the drug companies is using nrma for the next flu shot...they are already working on it, testing it...as this vax has shown, 20 years of this nrma and they still can't get it right...panzer guy...

  2. I've been vaxxed to the max as a military dependent. Been vaxxed against the Swine Flu back in Carter's days, and got sick as a sick dog from that. Gotten consistently vaxxes for the regular seasonal flu. Gotten my revaxxes for MMR and Diptheria and Cholera and all the usuals.

    But now? I won't get the anti-Covid thingy, no matter what. I won't ever again get another flu vax. I won't get any more.

    Funny, missing last year's regular flu vax and I didn't get sick during the winter like I normally do. Which makes me wonder.


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