20 October 2021

That Didn't Take Much Research

Yes, the government mandating that everyone be vaccinated or be forced to the sidelines of society is controversial and unprecedented.

Federal mandates for vaccinations do not appear until the 1960's and are attached to earmark education spending and only mandated that children must be inoculated to attend a government funded school.

Their parents could still work.  They could attend private schooling.  They could play on public playgrounds.  They could go to restaurants and movie theaters.

The historic and uncontroversial government response to epidemics is quarantine.  The people with the highly contagious and deadly disease are the only ones affected by the government edict.

Even so, it was a power rarely wielded.

There is considerable disagreement that the Federal government even has the power to do this.  The general welfare clause does not specifically mention sickness or disease, the preamble is not regarded to grant any powers and Article I Section 8 is about taxing and spending.  The "general Welfare of the United States" is the same sort of phrase as "A well regulated militia..."

If you're quoting Article I Section 8 as the grant of power to force vaccines on people, you're a fascist and you are the one who should be shunned and marginalized from society.



1 comment:

  1. When haven't progressives redefined terms and laws and ordinances to say whatever they want them to say?


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