29 October 2021

Mutter Mutter Grumble Mutter

On the way back from the store today the "Service Active Handling" light lit on The Precious' dash.

No cruise control, brake lights lit reflected in the grill of the tailgating F150...

Get home read the codes, C0161.  Again.

I've tried everything else, so in goes the original, take-out, body control module I kept when the HVAC fuse holder had gotten loose.  Happily I'd found a guide to cracking it open and getting access to the pins for the fuses to bend them back into shape.

Cleared the codes and the test drive gives no failures.

Fingers crossed that this was it.

1 comment:

  1. I've got to get me one of those code readers.

    A few weeks ago, I'm sitting at a light on a busy street and suddenly my car starts screaming at me. The normally green text in the dash turns red and says, "SERVICE RSC NOW". ('09 Ford Explorer) I had no idea what that even was. Does NOW mean RFN? Like don't even try to drive, just get it towed?

    Long story short, I had to go to a garage, they found it's a "Ride Stability Control" and the problem is an anti-lock brake system module. That can't be obtained due to the legendary chip shortage. So every five minutes of drive time it sets off a loud alarm for 30 seconds. And the dashboard warning lights stay on all the time.


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