17 October 2021

Not Sure I Can Keep Going

Apple TV's series "Foundation" is interesting.  It's well shot, excellent special effects, decent acting.

I'm getting sick of how they're telling the story.

Even worse, it's starting to be clear that TV series has as much to do with the books as Paul Verhoeven's "Starship Troopers."

After Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and The Expanse; I thought we were done making up our own story wearing the skin of a respected property.


I read the original three Foundation books a long time ago, and expected that many things would be unfamiliar because of how long it'd been.

What I wasn't prepared for was how little of what is in the series appeared in the books.

This is a whole new story, it's a whole new setting as well!

I'm not sure I want to keep going because I hate the practice of gutting a sci-fi classic and having the filmed version wear it like a skin demanding that same respect the classic earned.



  1. I haven't watched the show and don't intend to. I doubt they could do justice to the books. Starship Troopers was an okay movie, but it would have been better if they had followed the book closer. If they ever make a movie of Starman Jones I hope they follow the book.

  2. The classics had a better educated readership/audience. Today?...Ohio Guy

  3. I could tell by the commercials that they Disney'd the Foundation Trilogy. (that would be keep the names but change the story to protect the innocent...) Can't even phathom how they'll handle The Mule, a genetic freak who's also sterile, thus the name, but has mental powers and uses them for his own good.

    Not interested. Not at all. Most of the action of the Foundation series is more archeological and educational, not fighting and crashing ships and war and POC in charge of everything and POC being the main characters and other social justice bullcrap.


    As to the dogsqueeze move called "Starship Troopers," it would have been much better if it was done by the book. More mental and skull sweat than idiots running around. And I wanted to see powered armor, skinnies, real intelligent hive-minded bugs that built starships (and didn't shit warp-weapons out of their asses.)

    A hard-science movie. How hard is it to actually make real science work. I mean, follow Alcubierre's warp theory. Maybe finally do a David Weber movie, or a David Drake, or pre-child porn Heinlein. Geeze. I want to see "Have Spacesuit, Will Travel." Dammit.


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