13 October 2021

Not Just Che

The M1 Carbine is the murder weapon of Benjamin "don't call him Bugsy" Siegel.

For such an ineffectual round, it sure manages to get the job done.



  1. It is kind of funny that so many people think the .30 Carbine round is wimpy... But a lot of the same people don't criticize the 9x19 or even the 7.62 Tokarev. Assuming FMJ in all three of those, the typical .30 Carbine loading of a 110gr bullet at around 1900fps at least on paper seems to outperform 9x19 with a 115gr bullet at around 1200fps and the 7.62 Tokarev which is often considered a "hot" round is typically an 85gr bullet at about 1500fps.

    So anyway, I sure as hell wouldn't want to get shot by any of those, but the M1 Carbine would definitely scare me as much or more as any of those others.

    1. GURPS 4e rates it at 4d+1 pi with ranges of 330/2,100. An 11.5" AR gets 4d pi and 600/2,500.

      They're similar in size and weight.

    2. But yet many people would consider an M1 Carbine to be inadequate that wouldn't think twice about an AR. It's all perception I think. The M1 Carbine was criticized back in the day as being not powerful enough because it wasn't an M1 Garand.

    3. I've met a couple of people who'd reject an AR but the Carbine is just fine because caliber is all that matters.

      There's more than a couple who feel that neither is capable of killing anything larger than a cockroach.

  2. The troops that chose to carry it in WWII didn't think it was that ineffectual.
    And the ChiComs in Korea were using thick quilted coats with drug enhanced capabilities.

    But it was never meant to be a replacement for a 30-06 as Paul Harrell shows Here-

    1. Dragging it to GURPS terms, because everything is GURPS terms here...

      Heavy, quilted coats are DR 3 tops. 4d+1 pi punches that routinely.

      I like Paul Harrell, especially after he gutted the Hated Mr Giddings like a trout.

  3. Back in the 70's when I was a teenager on the farm, we had a scabbard mounted on the tractor for a M1. I lost count of the deer I put down with it as I was plowing or cutting/bailing hay.


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