21 October 2021

Another Day Another Curb

Coming up on six years since last contact with a friend.

I stopped making contact with him because I needed to take a break from his need to "devil's advocate" everything we talked about.

I figured it'd be a few days, tops.

Then I realized that he'd not bothered trying to talk to me altogether.

I've been waiting for the "are you OK?" call for six motherfucking years.

I guess it's not happening.

Oh well, Anglave the Sealion made his decision.  I'm only a little bummed.

I strongly suspect that it was his girlfriend at the time and his being ingratiated with her college student aged circle of friends for his sudden change of political affiliation.

Checking his Facebook page shows that she's long gone.  I wonder if she's more of the same or if he's just embarrassed about being a sealion.


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