18 October 2021

Birthday Rifle Calibre .30 Semiautomatic

Today, in 1926, is the day Mr Garand patented what was to become the M1 rifle.

John Pederson and Melvin Johnson most affected.



  1. I know you'll disapprove, but I wouldn't mind owning a Johnson rifle. That magazine intrigues me, and I'd love to see how well it shot. But it'll never happen.

    1. I would only disapprove if you didn't let me shoot it!

      The magazine is dirt simple, there's a couple of vids showing its workings on YouTube.

  2. "John Pederson and Melvin Johnson most affected."

    Well, them, the Axis powers, the (North) Korean People's Army and the student body of Kent State University.

    As an aside, while studying at Baton Rouge Community College circa 1999, I had to write a review of an essay of the Kent State incident. Since I was then a sergeant first class in the Louisiana Army National Guard at the time, I assessed what happened through the lens of leadership failures in the OHARNG units involved (for instance, the essay mentioned that the tired Guardsmen were rousted out at 0-2-early to repitch their GP Tinys, as they were insufficiently dress-right-dressed. Competent leaders would either have ensured that the Guardsmen established their bivouac site to standard the first time, or else waited until the troops had gotten adequate rest before having them redo the site. I did restrain myself from pointing out the Guardsmen's poor marksmanship....


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