25 October 2021


Marvyn will soon be the proud owner of a S&W Model 459.

It is not the 459 he was bidding on these past five days.

He was outbid at the last moment.

I pointed out that he'd been watching one with a buy-it-now price set the same as his max-bid and he should do it!

JT and I were ribbing him a bit, but he appeared to be stoic and resigned to his loss.

But, as it turned out, he had already stabbed the buy-it-now button.

Was he possessed of a furor to own a 2nd Generation Smith and Wesson auto born of nostalgia from the Model 659 he used to own?


His bid had stood long enough that confidence in winning had taken hold and he ordered spare magazines.

I suppose it was cheaper than tracking down a Marlin Camp Carbine for them.

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