20 October 2021

Falsifiable Hypothesis

This is getting old.

For anything you find out there in firearms, there's someone who says that it sucks and you should buy a different version.


Today's burr under the saddle is the Magpul AK and AK-74 PMAG.

"Don't buy them, they have problems."

OK, what problems?

Don't fit into the gun?

Don't feed?

Don't come back out?

Fall apart while firing?

"Commie surplus steel is best!"

Um, you do know that the Russians ditched steel for the AKM way back in the sixties, right?

Alongside the people who say that surplus steel is the only magazine you should be buying are many reviews saying they had no problems with the PMAGs.

No problems is a quantifiable statement.

Unspecified problems is not.




  1. I understand there are 2 different versions of the AK Pmag as well. One with some metal bits and one without.

    If the complaints don't specify a version that only makes it less helpful from where it starts as "not very helpful".

    1. I am at a loss to cite a single specific problem with either magazine from someone who's suffered an actual problem.

  2. Could it be a vast conspiracy to sell whatever is the current hotness? Not that gun writers would never write untruths in order to justify their next article or podcast, nooo...


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