20 October 2021

The Tyranny Of The Minority And Power Of Fear

Something I've been seeing a lot more of now that the Federal Government is trying to create an underclass of people via vaccine mandate is the people who are most affected by Wu Ping Cough because of comorbidities demanding that we make them feel safe by submitting to the vaccination.

While story after story of someone dying fully vaccinated piles up.

Oh, and they always have comorbidities.

There doesn't appear to be an analog with other "forced" vaccination programs cited in their fearful screeds.

People vaccinated from smallpox just don't die from smallpox.

People vaccinated from polio just don't become disabled from polio.

People vaccinated from mumps or measles just don't catch mumps or measles.

Yet people vaccinated from Wu Ping Cough die from it in noticeable numbers.

A number that I am not sure we're ever going to be able to quantify is how many people have caught the disease and never knew it because it's just not very severe.  It's the coup de grace for many with an existing health problem, but doesn't seem to be very severe to most others.

I'm thinking the real problem is the vaccine is completely ineffective and they're terrified that they can still catch it.

Kids, if the vaccine is completely ineffective, then forcing others to get vaccinated won't save you either.

Perhaps, the people who are most terrified should be the ones isolated and marginalized.

Their behavior reminds me a lot of people who are terrified of crime, so the law abiding must be restricted in ever increasing amounts for them to feel safe.

It's especially odd to see formerly libertarian and pro-gun people falling down the rabbit hole of tyranny to others for their personal feeling of safety.


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  1. People are dying of the Wu Ping Cough, vaxxed or not, because doctors and other medical authorities are not treating people until they are on Death's door, and not using any of the many many many regular medicines that have proven effective against it. Hydrocloroquin, Ivermectin, anti-malarials, Aspirin, Hell, even tobacco use and OTC allergy medicine have shown to slow or reduce the effects of Chinky Pox.

    I mean, what, these days, hasn't been found to be effective in reducing or slowing the Kung Flu?

    And, of course, to know what really works, just look at what's not being allowed to be used against the Covidiocracy. That's the interesting thing.


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