27 March 2023

I Feel Protected And Served

The local Chevron had the best price on Top Tier gas today.

They shut the place down at night, but leave the pumps running.

Tonight I was accosted by a homeless dude.

He was pushy, but not TOO pushy, but he started attacking the ice machine while I was leaving.

I decided that the cops needed to be informed, but didn't know the non-emergency number.

But I spotted a deputy at a traffic stop.

Apparently, we unwashed peasants are to NEVER approach a Kingsman while they are protecting and serving a speeding ticket.

I have never wanted to scream, "Fuck you too, cocksucker!" in my life and not actually screamed it.

OK, Pig, tell you what:  Would it have been better for me to have shot the fucker and then dialed 911?

Because I will bet good damn money that dispatch would have said words to the effect of, "stop traffic enforcement and proceed to homicide at..."

Threatening to arrest me for "interfering with a traffic stop," when my opening line was, "Excuse me, Deputy, can I speak with you when you're done?"

I am tempted to get political about this.

Maybe it's time for a different sheriff.


  1. Send the info to the Sheriff's Office, directly to the Sheriff. That type of lack-of-service is something most Sheriffs take seriously.

    And, of course, send one to Internal Affairs if you have the pertinent info on the Deputy.

  2. Perhaps this would be a good time to approach your police department and ask the person at the front desk how something like this should be reported. I'm rather curious myself - you were doing your due diligence in informing them of a crime being committed on the spot.

    Depending on the answer you get, a new person on the ballot may be a solution.


  3. in todays world just look the other way and keep walking...safer that way...panzer guy

  4. Somebody should inform law enforcement in general that ACAB is an aberration, not an end goal.
    They seem to be going out of their way in the opposite direction, and they'll deserve everything they'll get for that.

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