29 March 2023

Oh By The Way

That there are some violent bigoted transsexuals out there who are demanding vengeance against...  Everyone who isn't fucking crazy;


Try to remember what we keep saying we believe.

It's easy for me to remember, because I actually believe it.

Individual rights and liberty's corollary is just blaming individuals for their own actions and not blaming them for superficial relationships with others.

If we blame a group, we have to prove the group was actually promoting the crime and the individual did the crime because of the directions of said group.

To be really specific.

Blame the piece of shit in Tennessee for murdering those people and don't blame, say, Erin.

That they are both trans doesn't mean shit with regards to the crime.

Erin is innocent of murdering anyone, so Erin isn't deserving any blame. 

So when start advocating that "something" be done, don't be like the gun control groups and say ANYTHING is something, therefore we must do THAT.

Let us not respond to bigotry with more bigotry.  Even though it would be EASY AS FUCK.

Liberty isn't easy.

Nor is it clean and simple.

We want to be friends at the end of this, if we can, because we're going to have to live with each other.


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  2. While I respect your ideals, when a Rooster defends their hens it often dies for the effort.

    The 4th Turning is dangerously harsh. I have friends I know are gay, but I don't grab the breasts of my wife in public and they don't fake blow jobs in parades in front of my family. Their sexuality is like mine. Private. I don't judge their job performance by their sexuality, nor do they judge mine likewise.

    Bigotry is easy to avoid. Leave your sexual attitudes in the BEDROOM. Don't ram it into everything and get special rules to "Protect" you and get you promoted for "Diversity" over others who are often better qualified than you.

    Some folks have chosen to do a Bolshevik style assault on "Normies" and think enough Roosters like yourself will nobly die to defend them.

    1. I've lost the pronoun game here. Am I dying defending the trans or my normie family?

      Because my plan is to keep screaming warnings from a distance to the trans community and watching from afar as they reap what they've sown.

      I'm also shouting about how it's not ALL trans folks doing this stupidity. Much like BLM, it's pasty white libtard kids and not the people they claim to be representing doing the real agitation.

    2. The issue is, with radical transies, radical leftists, radical POC groups and radical religious terrorists, is that without open dissent from the parent groups, then the parent groups give tacit (or full outright approval) of the whackadoodle radicals.

      It's like the IRA in Ireland. A small group does all the damage, locals not shouting and beating down all the IRA thugs gives local tacit approval of said thugs.

      And, unfortunately, when the vocal minority pisses off the silent majority enough, the silent become veerrryy unsilent. We are seeing this in Israel over judicial reform, where a small vocal minority got the government to stop acting on judicial reform (where, literally, the judiciary were selecting their own replacements, so the courts went rapidly more and more leftist) and then the silent majority has now showed up everywhere and are loudly screaming down the vocal minority. It's not quite at the level of the majority dragging the minority (and the judges) out of their houses and beating or stoning them to death, but the cliff edge is very close to that.

  3. Sorry from the tone of the last few messages I got the idea you were actually were going to physically defend your gay friends.

    I personally have one that I will defend, but when we were discussing this situation the first thing is REMOVE the Targeting from you and your vehicle. A hairdryer and some effort to remove that obvious rainbow flag and such is simple prudence.

    We have rednecks who are normally decent folks that are a bit fired up about killing Christian kids and the April 1st declaration of war (in their minds).

    1. The tone wasn't the problem. Just got lost in the syntax.

      I've recommended to my LGBTQ friends to get armed to defend themselves, because they can't count on anyone else.

      Also, I fear my role in this mess is as a canary, not a rooster. Just as dead...

  4. We are reminded that all Muslims are not terrorists. Why then aren’t the peaceful Muslims doing something about the terrorists?

    We are reminded that all blacks are not George Floyds. Then why aren’t the good blacks doing something about the George Floyds?

    All LGBTQfreaks are not school shooters. Then why aren’t the good trannys doing something about the school shooting trannies?

    The ones who should be policing their own communities are not going to do it. Since they are not, we will have to.

    1. Their failure to police themselves doesn't mean we get to start arresting or shooting them because of their race/religion/gender.

      That gets lost in a lot of comments about "what to do."

      And while not all Muslims are terrorists, all blacks are not George Floyd, all LGBTQ are not freaks or shooter and not all cops are bastards...

      It doesn't mean we shouldn't keep a weather eye on groups that produce more than their fair share of terrorists, Floyds, shooter freaks and bastards.

    2. When the vocal minority stand up and shout support for the jerks, losers, a-holes and criminals, while the silent majority stands quietly in the back, that's the problem.

      And, sadly, yes, once it gets to a point, then the non-members of the group that encompasses all of the above get peeved, then the non-members will start treating all of the group as the same, until the portion of the silent majority that does not agree with the vocal minority and the jerks, losers, a-holes and
      criminals finally gets off the couch and starts being vocal against the dominant paradigm, so to speak.

      Knew lots of people who were totally color-blind, truly colorblind, back in the 80's and 90's who now are quite, well, the media and the leftists would call them racists and bigots. Why? Because the message that Every Criminal of POC is better than every non-criminal of non-POC, Look at me I'm POC and betterer than you and deserve segregation from you evil whiteys and reparations and blah blah blah.

      And the formerly non-prejudiced people have become... prejudiced. And haters. And outright vocal race supremacists.

      Not supporting that opinion, but I understand where it's coming from. Which is sad because at one time we were headed towards a mostly colorless society.

      I'm not going to point fingers at which side of the political aisle broke the colorless society, but anyone who's alive and aware can pretty much figure it out.

      Sadly, the actions of a very vocal minority of the LGBetc spectrum have blamed the non-LGBetc for every negative action taken against an LGBetc member because, supposedly, LGBetc reasons. Not for reasons like 'jilted lover,' 'owed money to drug dealers,' 'passed diseases purposely (yes, there is the segment of LGBetc that thinks passing deadly diseases to non-LGBetc members is a good thing,)' and yada yada.

      Person of LGBetc dies horribly, the LGBetc assume automatically that it's because the killer(s) hate LGBetc. Not that the killer(s) had other reasons, like no security (Pulse Nightclub,) jilted lover (that big 'gay' bar fire at the Upstairs Lounge in New Orleans in 1973 that sparked the vocal movement,) drug debts (Matthew Shepard, which the MSM still list as an anti-LGBetc hate crime murder but, yes, was over drugs, lots of drugs,) and so forth and so on.

      And... George Floyd killed himself. Even the trial proved that. And the trial also proved that the vocal minority with the tacit support of the silent majority can put enough pressure upon juries that the juries will vote to convict against all evidence.

    3. As far as St. George Floyd goes...IANAL nor do I play one on TV, but I think the defense dropped the ball on that, big-time. They should have insisted on a change of venue, just for starters...preferably to somewhere like Duluth or Thief River Falls. Far enough from the Cities that the rioters couldn't easily intimidate the jury. If it weren't for the Feds (may Brandon's bones burn forever green) piling on with those bogus "Civil rights violation" charges, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Minnesota authorities quietly commuting his sentence. (And adding federal "civil rights" charges on top of state charges IS double jeopardy!)

    4. Change of venue would have been denied.


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