21 March 2023

Yes I Am Aware

I know one of the goals of the elimination of cops, courts and prisons is so that our modern brownshirts can operate with impunity.

What they're forgetting, ironically while screaming about minority rights, is what the word "minority" means.

Go look for the memoirs of George Armstrong Custer for a treatise on being a minority in a firefight.

I'd also like to remind them that the menshiviks lost.

The situation they're creating is "fight or die" with the majority.

The 3%ers are correct at how few people it takes to win this once the fight is joined.

Many of them are eager for the fight, and are waiting for the modern brownshirts to achieve their goal of getting the government out from between them.

I don't want this fight.

It ends with subjugation for the minority and a lesson to NEVER take the boot off that neck EVER again.

It pisses me off that we keep coming ever so close to eliminating this shit and the left keeps picking fights to keep the hate flowing.


  1. They are trying to replicate the Soviet revolution or the Chinese civil war. The end goal of the Stalinist/Maoists who want to replace the US government with one modeled after the old USSR and/or PRC/CCP is subjugation of everyone other than a few select party leaders (and even that's a risky place to be historically). The minorities in those systems are only treated equally when it comes to sharing all the shortages and austerity. Many minority groups, if they are minorities for the wrong reason (like religion) in those societies have often faced brutalities worse than what the US is often accused of. Hundreds of millions were starved or worked to death or outright executed in the name of Socialism/Communism. This is what awaits the US if/when they ever get full control here. And make no mistake about it. Even many who were once considered mainstream Democrats are full on behind this or at least silent accomplices. Useful idiots is being generous since so many of them should know better. But they all seem to believe that this time it will be different. It won't. The new boss will be the same as the old boss.

    The Democrats talk about the fake "rise of white nationalism" being the "biggest threat to democracy". As I've said before, it's all BS. The far left are the real biggest threat. They're the ones who want to overthrow the government. Most conservatives just want to keep what we have or roll back previous bad changes to what the founding fathers intended. That's no threat at all to democracy. It's a desire to preserve it.

  2. i'm ready for the wild wild west...let's get it over with...panzer guy

  3. Yeah, one of the reasons I moved to a place in North Texas far enough away from any big city was I mostly just want to be left alone... And being in a place where the FAR Left held tight control for far too long (a large University in Illinois :-)) I really just wanted to get my family away from either push or shove... Seen enough combat for my life and I REALLY do not want my children to have to deal with it.... And when that shove comes, there will be no rules of engagement and things will get very bad I suspect for the people pushing for it without understanding what it is they are actually starting...


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