18 March 2023

Triple Nerd Score

Went, or tried, to go to the Orlando Brick Convention today.

It was a pleasant two hour drive to get there.

Met a friend at a nearby eatery and had fun BS'ing before we went to the venue.

Whereupon we were confronted with Gun Free Victim Zone signs and metal detectors.

So I returned to the car and let my friend and his wife go in without me.

I brought my Kindle, so no biggie.

They bought me something though!

There's an entire industry of high-quality custom mini-figs, including molding their own parts.

Lego has neglected Captain Rex and the genuine minifig is very expensive.  You can get the above for a lot less and it's more accurate to the character from the show too.


Despite the hiccough with the metal defectors and my refusal to enter the victim zone, I had a great time hanging out with my friend and his wife.


  1. they always that serious down there, metal detectors?... panzer guy

  2. Good reminder to bring reading material. A friend's favorite musicians favor ADL in a high crime City. Sitting in a vehicle isn't too safe, either.


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