22 March 2023

Shouldn't Work

When comparing Antifa to the Brown-Shirt or the Bolsheviks or the Chinese Cultural Revolution the people who are advocating for such National Socialist policies keep mentioning how few members it took to topple the government and implement their socialist utopia.

(Assuredly it will be different this time because REAL socialism has never been tried, right?)

What they're forgetting is Germany, Russia, China, Cambodia et al had something besides the socialism in common.

Disarmed citizenry.

That's not true in America.

It's also true that there are enough firearms in the US owned by people who have been worried about FEMA deathcamps since Bill Clinton was interviewing humidors that any real movement to topple the republican form of democracy in the US in favor of socialism complete would meet armed resistance.

Especially once those arms are outlawed.

"Shiny, let's be badguys!" would be the reaction.

Considering that I like indoor plumbing, electricity and ample food; I don't want socialism or a war to stop it.


  1. i don't think of us do but we each have to choose the hill we die on...once they outlaw 2a it's all downhill from there...we all know that...panzer guy

  2. Agreed, but those choices may not be on the table for much longer.
    TPTB seem to want to agitate until they topple the Jenga tower of civilization.
    Then the range goes hot in both directions, and it's officially a party, come-as-you-are.

  3. The Stalinst/Maoist left aren't even hiding it much anymore. They now talk openly about the "great reset" they want. Which is basically a new Homolodor or Cultural Revolution. Their intent, which they are not yet open about, is to kill 10's of millions of people who resist implementing their socialist utopia. And they will and impoverish or imprision tens if not hundreds of millions more. That's how it happens... every. single. time. And the reason that REAL socialism has never been tried is it won't, can't ever work. But even if you go by the actual words of Marx (and yeah, I had to read that horse shit in college), the economics that would even in theory make it possible are at best centuries away. Dictators like Lenin, Stalin, Mao, etc., all want to rush the process and the only way to do that is by brutal totalitarianism to force people to accept loss of all personal property, food shortages and general forced austerity. That's not really following Marx, it's a perversion even of his ideas. And his ideas were the result of chronic abuse of opioids. Aka, a "pipe dream".

    We have to vigilantly resist the libtards, hopefully to prevent a new civil war from happening. The new one will be worse than the one in the 1860s, because there won't be any clear borders. Even in red states there are significant pockets of blue traitors in the major metro areas. And there are oppressed good people who are stuck behind enemy lines in blue state shitholes. Even more so than in history this is going to be brother vs. brother, spilling blood across the land.

    1. Having read "The Gulag Archipelago" I'm ready.

    2. "Vigilantly resisting libtards" will be The New Civil War.
      And this one won't be North v. South, it will be house-to-house, and room-to-room within the same family.
      Re-calculate the curve of that OODA Loop.

  4. It's noteworthy that the folks who yell at Larry Correia on Twitter clamor for civil war while the folks who actually read Larry Correia say "you don't want to go there".


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