28 March 2023

Nashville Is Not Uvalde

 Body cam of the scumbag being stopped has already been released.

Clicky here to see.

Assault immediately is the successful way of stopping a mass shooter.

Nashville Metro seems to know that.

Good shoot.


  1. i approve this message...panzer guy

  2. After Columbine, national police standards all changed from 'wait and group up' to 'first on site, first in, fast, hard, continue until threat is terminated, better one cop dead than 30 children.'

    S aoll the other mass shootings after where the cops grouped up and waited outside? All were against their very department's manuals (as said manuals and procedures had to be changed for that to receive any federal funds, including reimbursements , seizures, fofeitures, grants et al.

    Good to see someone is finally following the manual.

    1. A change in tactics that would have saved lives in Sandy Hook and Stoneman-Douglas.

      And Pulse Nightclub!

    2. Which is why the police that responded to Sandy Hook, Stoneman-Davis, Uvalde and Pulse Nightclub should have been criminally prosecuted for not following their departments' manuals and their state's procedures.

      Which is something that the cowardly news media have failed to mention at all mass-casualty events since Columbine. And they should also have been charged with complicity in the lack of action.
      But that didn't and won't happen.

      At least even the New York Slimes is saying that Nashville Metro's response was the correct one and that Uvalde's wasn't.

      Seriously, I worked for a PD and dealt with this very issue. Lots and lots of policy and procedure changes came about from Columbine, within a year to two years as all the serious skull sweat and after-action reviewing and some serious soul-searching and many people falling on their moral swords over what should have happened vs what did happen.

      First on site, first in, keep pressure on the enemy, even over a pile of uniformed bodies until the enemy is ended. That was what the policies and procedures say. Officers inside need to keep open coms and a running commentary, basically an armed reconnaissance, so to speak, as they head to the problem. That way other responders, police and EMS, can know what is happening and what to expect when they enter. The incident commander is supposed to not cower and hide, but to keep track of who is where and how to get the injured out while a gunfight is going on.

      None of this is new. None of it. It's what basically SWAT teams first trained for back in the 60's. What 'special squads' of big metropolitan departments from the first time they were organized were trained to do. Pile on the bodies until the enemy falls.

      I don't understand this current 'fetish' by so many officers and departments to sit on their hands and let the people who they are supposed to be serving and protecting.

      Then again, I don't understand the LEOs becoming basically commerce officers rather than police officers.

      It's not the way things are supposed to be. Dammit.

      Glad the Nashville Duo actually were and are decent people doing what good men should do.

      Can't wait to see how horrid the civil lawsuits against them will be. Because you know that's just around the corner, all the crazy leftist organizations filing lawsuits because the cops 'violated' the civil rights of the dead thing.

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  3. I couldn't imagine trying to find a shooter in a night club in that lighting and environment... panzer guy

  4. Nashville cops weren't cowards like Uvalde -Jking


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